“In the brief poem, it is all different: the poet takes the reader to the edge of a cliff, as a mother eagle takes its nestling, and then drops him.”
  —Robert Bly

Fortunates is a collection of short poems to be read one after the other in a random order. Some prophetic or proverbial, spanning tragic to irreverent, and all independently brilliant and freefalling, the poems reflect and inform their juxtaposed neighbors, creating a uniquely stunning read.

New poems are added every other Sunday. Fortunates is edited by Jeremy Benson, as an edition of Crazy Pineapple Press.


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Fortunates at Writer’s Relief

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Now Reading!

Currently accepting submissions for October, November and December issues.

Send poems that drop the reader, from laughter and evocation. If not poems per se, then send literary truisms, spandrels, irregular haiku, and unclaimed astrological, parental, or phrenological advice. Put your tongue in your cheek.

Submit up to 5 untitled fortunes, each no more than 3 lines long (about 50 characters per line, or 150 characters total). Single-liners tend to fit the format best; however—be creative. Include your name and a sentence about yourself. Emails only, and no attachments necessary.

E-mail fortunes and questions to Fortunates@CrazyPineapplePress.com.